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Author Comments:

Thanks again Artie, I really appreciate the comments.
1. I have moved the voting buttons above the comments so they should be easier to get at. I am not very good at this html lark so hopefully I haven't broken anything.
2. I will try to make the pictures display bigger, either by having fewer on a page or making the page bigger.
3. Teela's vest should not have been open, that was a continuity slip up. A picture or two slipped in from the 'R' rated version of Holocrash! (there isn't one really.... but maybe there should be?).

Posted @ December 6th, 2009, 1:47 pm

Reader Comments:

Great Webcomic

I'm really liking this Webcomic alot. You're obviously putting a lot of effort into this, based on the back ground detail and the fact the the characters' facial expressions appear to change as the scene dictates. I've seen some comics, where the character expressions stay the same whether they're eating, fighting or just plain talking. The story line is moving along at a good pace and is easy to follow. Like I said, I'm really enjoying this strip :). If I could make a couple of suggestion: 1) Is there any way you can enlarge the pictures? With all the dark colors that you're using on the characters and some of the back ground scenes, some of the details are getting lost. 2) I noticed that Teela's vest, does not appear to be tied together, in the front. However, when she's moving around(and no, I'm not just trying to get boob shots into the strip, but that would be nice), as in this past fight scene, it stays in place around the breast as if it were tied together. 3) You should move the "Top 10 Webcomic Vote" button above the "Post a comment" button, or on the side of the strip, so that it's more obvious to the readers. Keep up the great work.

Posted @ December 6th, 2009, 10:55 am